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With new types of threats facing us today, Barrett Protective Agency has made it point to provide our clients with the most reliable and professional services available today
"Our #1 source of new customers comes from referrals!"


  Although established in 1999 as Barrett Protective Agency, this company has captured the attention of the San Diego Community and neighboring cities with its unprecedented professionalism and noted service to high profile clientele. As we all know, with any business location, location, location is the key. Since relocating to its current address, situated in the most unpretentious City in America, one can easily understand why this business has been such a success. An bradleysecurityincimpressive business clientele has watched this business grow at an accelerated rate due to the demand for safety. This growth spurt has enabled BPA to become a community fixture and well on it's way to becoming an icon. While this growth was anticipated it still is a welcomed surprise and shows that hard work, determination, and a little business savvy can help you to arrive at your goal.

 Instilling pride in all of the company's employees while providing unparalleled services to most elite clientele in and around San Diego is what has distanced Barrett Protective Security from that of the closest competitor. “ I have watched the likes of professional athletes, entertainers, politicians, and most importantly private citizens feel totally secure says one client when engaged in general conversation. This business has transcended cultural boundaries and delivers on a grand scale to anyone that wishes to engage the services of BPA.

 Barrett Protective Security & Detective Agency Inc. is a corporation that is operated by a team of qualified professionals. Being a Disabled Veteran with an impeccable service record and adding 20 plus years as a federal police officer seems to be the formula for success. The management of Barrett Protective Agency has had to work extra hard on the business side to insure that success is eminent. “Security services are the easy part; it is overcoming the day to day details that often create the challenges that have made this company what it is today. I have also learned that to be completely successful I had to delegate responsibilities to professionals that were close to me. I had to trust that they would do the things that were right for the business”.