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Observation & Documentation    (4 hours)
fire arms training This program will assist our security officers by detailing the essentials of report writing and some problems common to such reports.

Observation and patrol techniques
: This section of the training explains the importance of the first officer on site and getting to know the patrol area; special conditions to watch for and what must be observed during patrol.

Observing Suspects and or Suspicious Activity:
This aids the security officer on what to look for and what is considered a suspicious situation.

Communication and its significance    (3 hours)

fire arms trainingCell and Radio: This focuses on using radios and telephone equipment properly and effectively to reach the proper authorities in case of an emergency.

Who to contact and when: A list is provided of all emergency contact phone numbers and appropriate personnel to call.

Public Relations    (2 hours)

fire arms trainingThis course teaches the proper way to maintain a positive attitude towards clients, co-workers and the general public.

Stereotyping and attitude.

Cultural Diversity:
this program will aid the security officer on how to deal effectively with increasing cultural diversity in the work place.

Handling difficult people    (2 hours)

fire arms trainingCommunication: At this stage security officers will learn how to effectively communicate with disturbed people and ways to prevent escalating situations.

Speaking constructively: Security officers learning to be assertive but not offensive, discussion of correct techniques to achieve this behavior will be covered.

Negotiating: This will help security officers understand methods to practice negotiating skills; it focuses on the type of negotiations that typically arise on a business setting.
Officer Survival    (4 hours)

fire arms trainingSafety awareness: the security officer learns how to conduct a security survey of each assigned post; they will also learn how and why accidents occurred a how they can prevent them form happening again.

Threat assessment:
Officers will become familiar with the proper steps to take if a threat situation develops.

Environmental issues: This material aids the officers on how to handle and environmental incident when it occurs.
Liability and Legal Aspects    (3 hours)

Personnel Contractor and employer:

Legal issue Part I: Basic understanding of legal issues including sources of security officer’s legal powers and limitations.

Legal issue Part II:
Security officer’s right to arrest in special circumstances and the right to defend his or her self and others.

Legal issue Part III:
Basic safety training for securityofficers to prevent possiblecompany lawsuits. fire arms training

Company Policies and Orientation    (3 hours)

Uniforms: The importance for a security guard to be properly dressed in the company’s uniform, including badges, belt, hat, etc.

Work schedules:
Distributions of work schedule and job availability.

Reporting procedures:
Instructions on how to correctly fill out the proper reports either daily reports or an incident reports.

Post Orders and Assignments:    (3 hours)

Communication: This highlights the importance on effective written and verbal communication also including assertive communication and appropriate body language.

Elevators: Complete patrol of site including elevators, parking lots and methods to identify strange behavior.

Alarms: Mandatory inspections of fire alarms and control rooms.

Powers to Arrest    (8 hours)

Before an individual can apply for the guard card he or she has to take a mandatory 8 hour class, which teaches the following:
-Areas of responsibility
-Observe and report
-Arrestable offenses
-Legal responsibilities and liabilities
-Making an arrest
-After the arrest
-Relations with the local police
-Authority to question and a basis for making decisions

Fire Arms Training     (16 hours)

Lecture and Test= 8 hrs
Firing Range and Qualification = 8 hrs


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