Bradley Security - Southern California Security Guard Services.
With new types of threats facing us today, Barrett Protective Agency, has made it point to provide our clients with the most reliable and professional services available today
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  Training is the foremost principle on which this security and detective agency stands. Barrett Protective Agency has established and employs an intense and in-depth training curriculum that focuses on providing it's clients with well trained and competent guards.

Barrett Protective Agency state mandated training curriculum emphasize situational management, crowd control, advanced surveillance, community emergency interaction (Police, Fire), Baton, Fire arms, First Aid CPR, EMT, Firefighting, and HAZMAT.

All candidates must pass an extensive background investigation, security clearance, and qualify for licensing through all of the appropriate licensing bureau's including the Department of Consumer Affairs Bureau of Security and Investigative Services.

Each staff member is required to be uniformed and respectful at all times. From the coordinated uniforms to the ever-present shine on the shoes, one can tell at a glance the A rating that is prominently displayed is not just window dressing.